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Solace is a non-profit sexual assault resource center in Santa Fe, NM.






Charitable Organization

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Virtual Fundraising


When is the best time to rebrand? After you've invested in a person who can help maintain the parts of your brand that worked, while infusing change and a fresh perspective into the parts that need improvement.

Solace is a sexual assault resource center for survivors of assault, stalking, and sex trafficking. They offer comprehensive services at no cost to their clients and tend to their clients' well-being with a holistic approach. They offer therapy, forensic interviewing, advocacy, and education and prevention programs that aim to preclude the harms of sexual violence. They celebrated their 50th anniversary and changed their tagline in 2022.

Design Solution

An upcoming tagline rebranding was the perfect opportunity to reflect on Solace's overall brand identity and their expression of it. Through a brand audit, we materialized their brand story, determined their visual brand elements, and made a commitment to consistency.

Using their mission, vision and values as our compass, we developed fundraising campaigns and marketing materials to launch them into the next 50 years of service to their community. 

Race for Solace was a virtual fundraising experience where supporters of Solace signed up to be "runners" in a virtual race. As a runner, they aimed to raise awareness about Solace's programs while raising funds to support the program of their choice. Runners campaigned among their friends, family, and colleagues (their "fans") to reach their fundraising goal of $1,000. They could also find a sponsor to match the amount they raised. Each avatar's progress was updated daily on the virtual racetrack. Prizes were awarded, in each track, to the runners who reached their goal the fastest, gathered the most fans, or raised the highest dollar amount. This campaign raised more than $28,000 in 20 days and is now Solace's signature fundraising event.

The Solace Seasonal Selection is a partnership we built between Solace and the New Mexico Tea Company. We built this partnership with the goal of changing the feeling and experience of giving to charitable organizations. With a purchase of $50, the donor receives a seasonal tea selection and Solace receives all the proceeds as a donation ($25). The idea behind this partnership is that small donations can make make a big impact. 

Annual Report Brochure Mock Up.jpg

Solace needed stylistic consistency to announce their rebranding. We found the sweet spot in carrying elements over from before while creating a new look and feel to set the tone for the future. Their website, fundraising campaigns, printed materials, and communications with donors were all strategically designed with stylistic choices that repeated throughout, giving consistency to their message and their new name.