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Orchestral Conductor

Gabriela Garza is an orchestral conductor based in Seattle, WA.


Gabriela Garza


2019 - 2022



Type of Work

Brand Identity

Graphic Design


Web Design



What difference does it make to have a website in the early stages? Gabriela was completing her Doctorate at the University of Washington and wanted a place to showcase her professional journey and build legitimacy. As one of few female orchestral conductors, it was important to her that prospective employers understood that she was devoted to her profession, saw that she had a substantial archive of experience, and learned something more personal about her trajectory. Gabriela is now established in her career and keeps her website up to date in order to share her story and maintain visibility in her profession.

Design Solution

Female conductors should not be an anomaly. We decided to approach her brand as if seeing conductors like her was the norm.


Our goal was to create a platform that showcased her talents and established her brand as a rising star in the industry. To achieve this, we developed a clean and sophisticated design that prioritized ease of use and accessibility. We ensured that the website had clear navigation, allowing musicians and concert goers to easily keep track of future performances and events. By providing information about the conductor's background, upcoming performances, and press coverage, we were able to establish her as a talented and highly sought-after artist from the early stages of her career.

Meet Gabriela Garza, an orchestral conductor, minus all the old-fashioned stereotypes.

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