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Organic Farm

Gold Fish Farms is a women owned and operated organic farm in Socorro, NM.


Gold Fish Farms





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When starting a business, do you prioritize a website so that you can grow your sales or prioritize sales so that you can afford a website? Even if customers are not placing orders directly through your website, your online presence contributes toward your credibility. Invest what you can, as early as you can. Work with people who are in it for the long run and who will scale up with you as your business grows.

One of the owners of Gold Fish Farms and I waited tables at the same restaurant almost a decade ago. Now, she's an accomplished engineer and she shared the launching of her business on social media. I reached out and offered marketing services. Initially, she wasn't ready to make the investment, but when the time was right she got back in touch. She owns one of the only women-owned cannabis farms in New Mexico, and for me, the value of her representation in the market was much more important than her marketing budget. 

Design Solution

In a market dominated by men, we recognized the unique opportunity for a female-led organic cannabis farm to carve out a distinct and empowering niche.


Our approach focused on leveraging the feminine while emphasizing expertise and top-shelf quality, recognizing that these elements need not be mutually exclusive. A cohesive brand strategy and professional photography formed the foundation of the farm's web design, with images that showcased their organic processes and positioned them as a dynamic and forward-thinking presence in the industry. By creating a custom website that effectively told their story and highlighted their expertise, the farm was able to successfully approach dispensaries and establish themselves as a trusted and sought-after supplier.

Website design by Georgia Evans.

A descriptive brand strategy gives future contractors and collaborators a framework of your brand. Branding guidelines include examples of logo use and variations, typography selections, colors, and other important components that should be used consistently and accurately. It's basically your brand's recipe. 

"If you learn a recipe, you can cook the recipe. If you learn the technique, you can cook anything."

-Michael Symon

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