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Explore & Expose

This is where it all began.


Explore & Expose




Travel Blog

Type of Work



Web Design


Is it a business or a hobby?

Give it time and devotion, then decide.


Explore & Expose is the personal project that set me in motion to learn photography and web design. It was a travel blog for the PNW region with an emphasis on budget travel and photography. I launched this while working my full time job in legal services.

On the weekends, I traveled alone to various destinations in WA and OR with my camera and wrote about where to stay, where to eat, and where to find beauty. 

Sadly, the pandemic came and travel was no longer viable. I also moved back to New Mexico so the regional aspect no longer applied. However, this project has left me with many of my life's best memories and motivated me to take risks and launch myself into a new career. 

This is my journey, in photos and in chronological order.

From now to then.

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