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Virtual Conference

The Next Generation Water Summit is an annual event in Santa Fe, NM.


Next Generation Water Summit




Virtual Event

Type of Work

Graphic Design

Social Media 



Does digital marketing even make a difference? If your product happens online, it should be advertised online. 

The scope of work was originally administrative tasks, like communicating with speakers and vendors and helping with the setup of the virtual platform. As the event got closer, I realized the organizers were advertising primarily on a local radio station and in a local news paper. The event had switched from in person to online during the pandemic in 2021, but the marketing strategy stayed the same for 2022. Two weeks before the event, we launched a digital marketing campaign that changed everything. 

Design Solution

With only two weeks to ideate, design, and launch a marketing campaign aiming to grow registration rates by 300%, strategy was key.

The focus was to create content that the speakers could share among their own established networks to help increase visibility and registrations. All speakers received stylized content to advertise their specific session via Instagram, LinkedIn, and email. The posts included a photo of speakers, a description of their topic, and instructions on how to register for the virtual summit. Paired with targeted Facebook ads, a broad social media campaign, and email marketing, we were able to meet, and exceed, our registration goals.

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