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We focus on you

We take the time to understand you and your unique needs in order to craft the digital components that will help your business shine. Whether you are looking to make your online debut or enhance your existing presence, we are here to provide our expertise, tools, and time to ensure that your investment aligns perfectly with your brand, schedule, and goals. Our aim is to guide you in making design decisions that will yield the results you desire, leaving you with a polished, professional, and effective online presence.



To get started, it's important we gain clarity on who your target audience is and how you are uniquely positioned to offer them what they want or need. The value of research is that it gives us direction and purpose, so that we can make the most of your investment. 

The research phase will vary depending on what you're trying to accomplish, but it can include surveys, interviews, and observations. You'll teach me about your expertise and I'll teach you about mine.



With an understanding of who you are, who your audience is, and what service or solution you are offering, we'll build a strategy guided by your goals and priorities. We'll take a look at what your competition is up to and create a plan that highlights your uniqueness. We'll identify the tools and resources we need to get you to where you want to be.



The best way to tell people who you are is to show them. Images tell stories and investing in professional photography will elevate your website and establish a trustworthy presence on social media. A professional library of photos also comes in handy when you need to make content on the fly.

Our photography session can include photos of you and your team, your space, your products, your process, or of your clients and their lifestyle. We'll rely heavily on these images to bring cohesion to your brand.

Your investment will vary depending on the scope of work, starting at a minimum of $250.



We are talking about brand identity and visual identity. What is the personality of your business and how do you visually express that personality? Your brand identity belongs to you and comes from you. Your visual identity is where I take the lead. 

A brand identity includes your values, mission statement, tone, and voice. 

A visual identity can include a logo, fonts, colors, images, stationary, and other custom brand elements that tell your story and represent your brand visually.

Depending on the deliverables, brand identity services are $2,500 and up.


Web Design

Your audience will judge your business by the looks of your website, in a matter of seconds. An unappealing or outdated website will communicate that you stopped caring about your customer, or that you didn't care to begin with. Web design is important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. We'll ensure your website is beautiful and functional.

We can start from scratch or build on what you already have. Web design includes user-friendly design and navigation, content, and imagery. If you want to dive deeper, we can get into mobile responsiveness, SEO, and interaction.

Web design services start at $5,000 and vary depending on your needs.


Graphic Design

At this step of the process, we'll be able to identify what is missing. We create original content to fill in the gaps. 

This can include custom graphic elements to make your website more dynamic, social media templates you can use and reuse, and email marketing templates that you can easily edit and hit send with calm and ease.

Prices for graphic design services vary based on each project's requirements.


Digital Marketing

Do you already have a brand and a website but you're not getting the results you want? Let's talk about what you're seeing and how you want it to be. If I don't know how to fix it, I'll guide you toward experts who do. 

On Designs Focus


We handle the whole process of getting you started online, from setting up your domain and email to creating engaging content - working closely with you to deliver a website that communicates clearly who you are and what you do.


Curious about how these service offerings work together to create a lasting impression? Check out past client work for inspiration and insights. Our portfolio features a diverse range of projects, showcasing our ability to craft custom solutions that meet our clients' unique needs and goals. We work closely with each client to ensure their brand identity, photography, and website accurately reflect their personality and values, while effectively reaching their target audience. Take a peek and see how we can collaborate to help you tell your story and speed up your business growth.

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