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Community Orchestra

Poulsbo Community Orchestra is a non-profit orchestra in the Puget Sound region of WA.


Poulsbo Community Orchestra


2020 - 2022



Type of Work



Graphic Design


Poulsbo Community Orchestra was affected by the pandemic in ways specific to the performing arts. They had to adapt and create virtual spaces for the orchestra to rehearse and share music with their community while we were all in isolation.


Forget the acoustics, the priority was staying connected and seeing COVID through.


Design Solution

We created a digital performance space. Before the pandemic, concerts filled up through word of mouth. We created and sustained a digital campaign to keep this island community engaged with their orchestra.


We created a visual identity for the orchestra with posters and marketing materials designed to broaden the orchestra's audience and fill spaces where an orchestra could play during a pandemic.

In times of hardship, may we remember to turn toward what connects us.

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