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Wine and Spirits

Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits is a boutique liquor store in Santa Fe, NM.


Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits




Boutique Liquor Store

Type of Work

Web Design




When Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits approached me for a website redesign, they had already experienced disappointment with a previous web designer who was unable to complete the project. As a result, I knew that it was important to provide them with a customized solution that reflected their expertise in the beverage industry and showcased the beauty of their new location.


Through effective communication and collaboration, we were able to launch a modern, responsive website in less than three months. The finished product showcases their premium selection and highlights their lounge and special events.


The team at Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits was thrilled to finally be able to launch their new site, and I was honored to have been a part of bringing their vision to life.

Design Solution

Our website redesign transformed an outdated and visually unappealing website into a modern, visually striking platform that effectively showcases the premium products offered by our client's business.


We understood that high-quality imagery would be key in enticing potential customers to make a purchase, so we made sure to feature visually stunning photos of the various spirits, wine, and other products they offer.


The new design is easy to navigate, making it simple for customers to get a sense of the shop's physical space, while also allowing them to easily discover offerings that they may not have previously considered. Overall, our redesign not only improved the aesthetic appeal of the website, but also made it a more effective tool for driving sales and generating revenue for our client.

Our goal in designing this website was to make visitors thirsty and entice them to indulge in our client's premium beverage offerings. To achieve this, we used high-quality photography that focused on mixology and presented the various products in an appealing and visually striking manner. Whether it's a perfectly crafted cocktail or a rare vintage bottle of wine, our website makes it easy for visitors to imagine themselves enjoying these products and creates a desire to experience them firsthand. We understand that effective website design is not just about providing information, but also about creating a strong emotional connection with the user, and our focus on stunning visuals and engaging content achieves exactly that.

Our client expressed concern about including an online shop function on their website, as managing an online inventory and fulfilling online orders posed a significant challenge for them. However, they still wanted the site to play a role in driving sales and increasing brand awareness.


To address this, we developed a recipes page that allows customers to browse a catalog of craft cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients offered by our client. By highlighting the unique flavors and ingredients used in these cocktails, we were able to effectively promote our client's products and create a desire to experience them. This approach not only helped to increase brand awareness but also provided a valuable resource for customers looking for inspiration and ideas for their next drink. Overall, our solution allowed our client to achieve their goal of driving sales without the need for an online shop function.

We are committed to continuing the development of our client's recipes catalogue over the next few months, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest trends in mixology and includes a diverse selection of drink options that showcase our client's premium and local products.

Having a website that accurately reflects the feeling and aesthetic of the physical space in your shop is crucial in today's digital age. Customers often form their first impression of a business based on its online presence, and a website that is out of sync with the physical space can create confusion or even put off potential customers. On the other hand, a website that expertly captures the essence of the physical space can be a powerful tool for driving sales and attracting new customers.


Professional photography that is taken with the consumer in mind can be particularly effective in achieving this goal. By showcasing the products and atmosphere of the physical space in a visually appealing and inviting manner, businesses can create a sense of excitement and desire that encourages customers to visit the shop and make a purchase. Overall, a website that accurately reflects the aesthetic and feeling of the physical space is an essential component of any successful business strategy.

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